Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre was established on the 1st of July, 2011.  It resulted as a merger of two schools each of them proud of its history. Kaunas Food Industry School became the headquarters of the Centre named Food Technology Sector, and Kaunas Trade and Business School became the department of the Centre named Hotel, Trade and Services Business Sector.

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Qualified food industry workers, cooks, confectioners, food products makers, hotel workers, assistants to trade enterprise managers, secretaries are trained in the Centre. We invite to study both students which have certificates of secondary education (students age from 19 years) and which do not have it (vocational secondary education, students age from 16 years). In our Centre there is a possibility to get vocational education for students who learned in secondary school under special education programs and who have graduated or not. The centre also has a right to train adults according formal education labour market training programs.

At present the project approved by Lithuanian Republic Ministry of Education and Science with the aim to establish sectoral practical training centres of food production and hotel and restaurant services is being implemented. The main task of this establishment is to create new quality of vocational training services and increase the accessibility of very high quality training services, to create possibility to teach using the newest technique and technologies.

In the Centre learn 1087 students. There work 92 teachers, psychologist, who teach subjects of general education, vocational disciplines, take care of students’ social and psychological safety.

The Centre has a technological gymnasium department where more than three and a half hundred students of 11-12 grades are seeking to obtain the certificate of secondary education.

Non-formal student learning is diversified and meaningful; there are 11 clubs, the students’ council is acting efficiently.

We have hostel – cosy and warm second home for students coming from different parts of Lithuania.

For the safety of students the school is watched by cameras from inside and outside.

Director Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Centre, e-mail: headmaster@mpcentras.lt

Taikos av. 133
LT-51123 Lithuania
Tel./fax.  +370 37 45 43 13
e-mail:  info@mpcentras.lt